Workshop Outline: Basic and Advanced SEO for Beginners

Workshop Description:

This hands-on, interactive SEO for Beginners workshop provides a foundation for understanding basic and advanced principles, strategies and tactics of SEO.

Our SEO workshop, focusing on small business, provides a hands-on approach to an understanding of the strategies, tactics, techniques, and tools used for market analysis, keyword development, content creation, and distribution and promotion.

Analytics tracking, included in our workshop, is important to track and modify your marketing strategies in order to optimize your results.

Workshop Objectives:

1. How Google and other search engines rank websites and pages.
2. What makes a web page search engine friendly.
3. What are Google Penalties and what can you do about them.
4. Link Building is one of the most important search strategies.
5. What type of content search engines love, and what they really don’t like.
6. Keyword research for the best “Focus Keywords”
7. How to integrate keywords into your website content, including text, images, videos, metadata, and tags.
8. What are effective and search engine friendly web pages and how to create them.
9. What are effective and optimized text navigation menus and how to create them.
10. How to use tags, metadata, anchor text and tags effectively.
11. How to monitor search positions for targeted search terms.
12. How to set up website architecture to be search engine friendly.
13. How and why to set up a search engine friendly sitemap.
14. How and why to set up a robots.txt file.
15. How to track website performance using Google Analytics.
16. How to track website performance using Google Webmaster Tools.
17. How to increase your website’s link popularity.
18. How to measure, collect and analyze your web traffic.
19. How to measure the effectiveness of SEO activities with Google Analytics.
20. Understand the difference between organic and paid search results.
21. How to set up a Google AdWords account for keyword research.
22. How to choose the right keywords to promote your website.
23. Recognize the features of high-converting landing pages.
24. Track campaign performance and ROI (return on investment)
25. Report meaningful website performance data to stakeholders.

Workshop Video: Important Competitor Metric

Workshop Content and Scope:

1. Overall SEO strategy
2. Tactics used in executing an SEO strategy
3. Understanding and use of tools to create and execute SEO strategy
4. Tools and methods of analyzing and refining SEO strategy results

Participant Learning Outcomes:

This workshop will cover all areas of search engine optimization. The student will understand search engine optimization, and create and execute search strategies as an integrated element of an overall marketing plan.

Methods of Instruction include:

Guided in-class exercises, lectures, practical demonstrations, and multimedia presentations.

Each participant will be assigned a “blank” online website for use in the workshop. Each website (based on WordPress) will be pre-populated with the content and tools needed to achieve the workshop objectives.

Text and Supplies:

Workshop specific handouts and exercises. Each participant will have their own “Blank” WordPress website

Skills Advisory:

This workshop is interactive and good keyboarding skills are recommended. You should also be familiar with using search engines and browsers.

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Basic and Advanced SEO for Beginners Workshop