Top SEOs Talk About SEO in 2024 Surviving SEO 2024 Edition

Eight Top SEO’s Thoughts on Surviving SEO 2024 Edition Highlights

1. SEO Strategy Changes for 2024

  1. Google is releasing SGE in 2024.
  2. SGE may replace featured snippets.
  3. Uncertainty in SGE monetization.
  4. Potential impact on 40%-60% of SERPs.
  5. Shift focus from Google to diversified search engines.
  6. Emphasis on Amazon SEO for high ROI.
  7. Explore YouTube SEO.
  8. Learn about CTR and user psychology.
  9. Incorporate AI in daily tasks.
  10. Multimodal multi-agent AI disrupting agencies.
  11. SEO 2024 Actions: Emphasize diversification and AI integration due to Google’s SGE user metrics.

2. SEO Focus for 2024

  1. Less website traffic, more efficient monetization.
  2. Shift from SEO focus to monetization strategies.
  3. Evolve business models: services, products, info products.
  4. Increase revenue per visitor.
  5. New websites with attached businesses.
  6. Reduced sandbox period for new sites.
  7. Fluctuations in new website rankings.
  8. Focus on building brand and authority.
  9. Content strategies: templated, search intent, news coverage.
  10. Utilize Google Discover and social media for visibility.
  11. SEO 2024 Actions: Future focus shifts to efficient monetization and brand building. Utilize diverse content strategies and platforms for increased revenue per visitor.

3. Personal SEO Evolution in 2024

  1. Evolve from affiliate marketing due to challenges.
  2. Diversify into dropshipping and e-commerce.
  3. Invest in bricks and mortar businesses.
  4. Adapt to AI and competitive online landscape.
  5. Explore other monetization methods beyond display ads.
  6. Invest profits into various business types.
  7. Buy websites. Focus less on affiliates.
  8. Utilize paid ads, especially for dropshipping.
  9. Leverage TikTok and other platforms for traffic.
  10. Diversify traffic sources beyond SEO.
  11. Learn new skills and experiment with different strategies.
  12. SEO 2024 Action:  Shift from affiliate marketing to diverse business models and traffic sources. Embrace AI. Experiment with new strategies for growth.

4. SEO Content Strategy for 2024

  1. Focus on updating content.
  2. Add new content from Q1 2024.
  3. Maintain routine with new articles for topical authority.
  4. Continue content updates and progression.
  5. Increased focus on PR in link building for 2024.
  6. Regular link-building methods: guest posts, link inserts.
  7. Create link bait statistic posts.
  8. Shift towards PR due to difficulty in getting links.
  9. PR seen as more natural and white hat.
  10. Potential for thousands of links with minimal effort.
  11. Use interactive maps and in-depth statistical pages.
  12. Leverage Reddit for PR and attracting journalists.
  13. Reverse PR strategy using Reddit’s reach.
  14. SEO 2024 Actions: Focus on content updates and PR-driven link building. Leverage interactive tools and platforms like Reddit for enhanced visibility and authority.

5. SEO Adaptations for 2024

  1. Prioritize getting users the answer quickly in content.
  2. Reduce engagement rate but increasing rankings.
  3. Challenge for ad revenue-dependent publishers.
  4. Emphasis on internal link building.
  5. Use bold internal links to increase engagement.
  6. Anticipation of Google’s Project Gemini.
  7. Project Gemini expected to replace quality raters and influence ranking signals.
  8. Some slight expected changes in search results with Project Gemini.
  9. Observations of SGE in Google Thailand.
  10. SGE not yet widely used by general public.
  11. Less concern about the impact of SGE on SEO strategies.
  12. SEO 2024 Actions: Emphasize swift content delivery and internal linking. Adapt to Project Gemini’s influence on rankings.

6. SEO Strategy Shifts in 2024

  1. Shift from gateway arbitrage to direct partnerships.
  2. Own leads directly.
  3. Experience in domain investing for local service contractors.
  4. Bulk registration of high-value domains.
  5. Transition from flipping to building profitable websites.
  6. Implement optimized homepages on each domain.
  7. Identify domains ranking with minimal effort.
  8. Focus on link building and topical clusters.
  9. Seek profitable partnerships for specific domains. Example: lucrative finance partnership with high commissions.
  10. Leverage exact match domains for brand dominance.
  11. Anticipate AI’s role in recommending exact match domains.
  12. Differentiating from mass page website strategies.
  13. SEO 2024 Actions: Shift towards direct partnerships and domain investing. Focus on building profitable, brand-dominant websites and leveraging AI for domain recommendations.

7. SEO and AI Integration in 2024

  1. Focus on creating content with more expertise in 2024.
  2. Use research papers as input for AI content creation.
  3. Aim for high expertise content that doesn’t sound generic.
  4. Explore creative ways to train or fine-tune AI models.
  5. Leverage local publishers for link building.
  6. Personalize outreach campaigns using AI for local publishers.
  7. Significant investment in AI, especially with advancements like GPT-4 Turbo.
  8. Explore various applications of AI for competitive advantage.
  9. SEO 2024 Actions: Focus on expert-level content creation using AI, such as GPT-4 Turbo. Personalize AI-driven outreach for competitive advantage in SEO.

8. Adapt to SEO Changes in 2024

  1. Prioritize adaptability to SEO algorithm changes.
  2. Quick adaptation to changes like link penalties or content guidelines.
  3. Importance of updating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) rapidly.
  4. Link disavow service as a key strategy.
  5. Observe patterns of manual action link penalties before core algorithm updates.
  6. Prediction: Google zero or minus valuing the worst 10% of links.
  7. Notice a trend of manual actions preceding core updates.
  8. Anticipatecore algorithm updates based on penalty patterns.
  9. Assumption based on repeated observations of this trend.
  10. SEO 2024 Actions: Prioritize rapid adaptability to SEO changes, particularly around link penalties and content guidelines. Focus on pattern observation and preemptive measures.


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